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Until now I could not figure out who is the photographer. It is said that there used to be a rock formation on the opposite side of the road resembling the male sex organ penis but that it was broken off by a traffic accident. As far as realistic representations go, I agree with you, but I expected more abstraction and metaphor, but completely hidden in symbolism. I do find it amusing how you view the world as men cleaning up after women when most guys feel the exact opposite, women must clean up after me and make me a sandwich , taking sexism to the opposite extreme. According to the survey , there was a slight preference for "Class 1" vulvas, or vulvas with "labia minora [that] don't protrude and are soft. I will soon post some beautiful and sensual pictures of beautiful vulvas, pussies, labias, vaginas, yonis.. Kaitlyn, 21 Ottawa 6.